Nick Churchill RSHom

I am a Level 3 registered IFS practitioner, and currently in training to become an IFIO (IFS couples therapy) practitioner. I live near Bath in the south west of England and work on Zoom.

As a homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths, I have thirty years’ experience of working with natural holistic modalities to address the mind/body health challenges that many people at some point in their lives find themselves faced with.

IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy is a relatively new form of psychotherapy. It is ‘parts-based’; in other words it recognises that our psyche is multiple rather than uniform and unchanging. Though we might seem to the world to be the same person at all times, there are actually many parts of us. They all go to make up the complex and often contradictory – yet always unique and sacred – people we are. Getting to know these parts, learning why and when they appeared, and how we can help them to free up from whatever is holding them up now, is central to IFS. This a really wonderful, humane, client-centred way of helping people to live more joyful, connected and satisfying lives – and a real game-changer for healing trauma and relational problems.

I welcome you to meet me on Zoom for a free, no-obligation introductory session (allow 20-30 minutes) to find out more about me and to see if this approach could be right for you.  Please see my contact details below.